Gisborne Carols Night

Congratulations to all the students who performed last night at the Gisborne Community Christmas Carols. The New Gisborne choir was the biggest choir with over 70 students and everyone performed with enthusiam, big voices and smiling faces. The stars everyone made looked beautiful on the stage and I was very impressed with how well everyone behaved throughout the night.

Ms Hensby and I are very proud of you. It was a fantastic way to end the year.

150th School Fair

A BIG congratulations to all the students who were involved in the performances at the school fair on Sunday. You all did a fantastic job and I have received a large amount of positive feedback. You all worked very hard and are excellent performers. Hopefully everyone will be able to watch the videos in classes soon.

Welcome back for the second half of the year. With a parent or guardian watch this very musically appropriate video of the Tropfest New York 2013 Winner ‘An Unlikely Maestro’. Enjoy.